Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Application

Welcome to the Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program Application.

The Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship works in partnership with Georgetown University to deliver a professional development program designed to prepare military veterans with service connected disabilities, military spouses and caregivers to find success as they transition into the civilian workforce. Dog Tag Inc.'s Fellowship program combines business and entrepreneurship coursework, ample personal development opportunities, and hands-on rotations throughout Dog Tag Bakery, our small business venture. Over the course of five months, Fellows explore a variety of career paths, learn about and how to utilize available resources, and establish vast personal and professional networks as they develop a strategic plan for achieving personal and professional fulfillment post-service.

The 5-month fellowship program provides:
  • 7 courses in Business Administration from the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University.
  • Scheduled rotations within different areas of the bakery and nonprofit.
  • Learning lab series with guest speakers discussing lessons learned running a business, workshops in the power skills for business success, and specialized courses on telling your story.
  • Networking opportunities with business leaders both inside and outside of the program.
  • Intangible skills that are valuable in the civilian workplace.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Post 9/11 Military Veteran with service-connected disability, caregiver or spouse
  • Eager to learn and engage in professional development
  • Preparing for a career in the civilian workforce
  • Able to provide his or her own transportation to and from the bakery and school
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